Sunday, September 18, 2011

Football gone bad...

We love to play little games as a family. The kids brought down their little football so we decided to play a little game in our living room. Kylie and I were on a team against Chandler and Eric. Kylie got overly excited about stealing the ball before daddy could get to it and the couch got her before she got the ball :( sad but kinda sounds funny. haha

We took some pictures of the hard team player and she is ok. She wacked the edge of the couch and it got her cheek pretty good.

Poor thing, it got bigger by the hr

" Yup I hit right  here momma"

The re-match this is how it ends up

Chandler is screaming and Kylie wont let go :)

Kylie's new adventure

Eric and I got Kylie a pink barbie bike awhile back. We had been doing family rides and put the kids in the pull behind trailor. Kylie wanted to ride her own bike, so she wanted to learn how. Man was this a hard one....after millions of tries and to get her from not hitting the brakes backward we finally got it. Eric was playing with his RC car and so i decided to take Ky up and down the street for her to learn. It was soooo HOT and I had hair to do in a hr, but we did it. She was pedeling all by herself and she was sooo happy.

Here are some pictures of the happy girl...
Happy beautiful she's growin so fast.

Pink barbie bike, with her strings she says :)

Their our big girl goes :)

Love you

She really was happy, but done with pictures. I was so proud of her

Everyday you are getting prettier and bigger. We love you kylie

Ice Cream Treat!!!

Eric needed some pictures of kids eating ice cream at his work, for the community board. So we headed down there for a sweet treat and I snapped the pictures. Got some of other kids, but I'll just share mine :)

Whenever we have an excuse to go and eat this yummy stuff we do it. :) The kids have fell in love with the "cherry dipped" cone now :) Love the cuties

Splish and Splash

First off, Sorry for not updating this for awhile to all the Grandparents :) I've been slacking and ya know how that goes haha. We are settled into our new place, and O how we LOVE it. Chandler has learned to fully climb and come down the stairs. We have a Lani that is screened in and the kids love to go out there and play. They have so much room to run around and play it's awesome.

The kids LOVE to swim. Chandler loves it all in his face and Kylie is learning how to swim without her tube floatie. Since unlce Jeremy has come back from Iraq everyday Kylie says to him " Uncle jeremy I sorry but I want to go simmin....( that's how she says it) O how I love my kids. And of course how can he say no to that :) lol so out they go and they have a great ol' time.

I snapped some pictures caught up in the fun....

Loves to kick n splash with his feet
I love my uncle
Kylie loves the waterfall
Uncle jeremy is gonna jump in
Love the splash
Super cute dude!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lego Time with Daddy

Daddy loves legos, but they are the tiny legos. Last night the kiddos wanted to play legos. Eric wasn't to happy about until he saw it was a new set. ( new set to him ) Mimi ( my mom's "grandma" name :) has these cool legos with a buildable giraffe, alligator, donkey etc.

So they went to play and I clicked pictures.
Enjoy lego time.....

Let's Build

Chandler loves to watch and learn :)

Beginning of a creation

Kylie intent on building something

Lego creations

An elf I think

Giraffe on an alligator body :)

The kids love their daddy, and enjoy daddy play time!

Our little Ballerina

Kylie started ballet on Tuesday, for the first time ever!! We went and bought her ballet tights, slippers, and skirt. She was such a trooper going back alone to the studio. Parents are not allowed do to distraction to the kids. ( Totally understandable) Although, I was really sad that I wouldn't beable to sit and watch. They Did have a little window you can look through. I peeked a couple of times and she was twirling and pointing the toes out. She looked so cute. I'm so proud of her, she is growing up so fast.

We had a photo shoot afterwards and she wasnt too happy. Daddy told her she could come eat at DQ, so she was looking forward to that :)

Here are some pictures. Enjoy Our little Ballerina

Smile Kylie :)

This little monkey is so smart. I was just taking pics of kylie, and he just walks right over and stands by her. Take my pic  to mom!

See what I mean not to happy :)

Beautiful happy girl

Tiny Toes


Had to add these! This is a daily basis play for these two. O how we love them!

Monkey attack :)

We enjoy how they play now, hopefully it stays that way :) lol

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day at the Beach

Kylie used to not like the beach. We would take her and she would just scream, because the sand was making her dirty. She finally got over it and loves it now, actually a little to well. She wants to just go to the water and do it all herself. :/ 

Chandler loves the water and the sand. He even likes the way it tastes :) hahaha
He wants to shovel sand into the bucket like Kylie does, but cant do it himself yet. Loving sister he has will trade buckets as she fills them up. These kiddos play so good together, they love each other for the most part.
They do fight over toys, but eventually work it out.

Here are some pictures of our fun day....enjoy :)

Cute little boy playing

Getting some sand to eat!! O yummy :)

I love to throw sand off my shovel

Kylie all amess :)

Add caption

See they love to still toys

She usually get's it until he scream's....then she has to give it back :)

We love these kiddos so much! They bring much joy and love into our everyday lifes. Kylies always has something new to say and Chandler always has some new attitude or new way to show off. We love you Kylie and Chandler :)